Thursday, December 27, 2007

Learning to Blog

This is all so new to me. My daughter and son-in-law decided I needed to blog. Now I'm not exactly young in age, just in spirit. So all this computer stuff kind of baffles me. I'm trying to download music on my ipod (something my daughter convinced me I needed). I love it but I keep forgetting just how to get my CDs downloaded onto it. I do fine downloading onto the computer but then I mess up trying to transfer them to the ipod. I need to do this because I received a wonderful gift of an itrip, which will allow us to listen to ipod music through the cars radio speakers. We leave shortly but I will have to leave my blogging until we return. We don't have a lap top yet but hope to correct that soon.

1 comment:

swankette said...

Hey - you've admitted that you really like the iPod, so don't make it sound like I'm forcing things on you that you don't want or need. :)